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We still remember that 2017 Taipei Universiade has raised a ride in Taiwan: game-based sports and the nature of uncertain tension often attract people to be crazy about it. In daily life, we take an active part in various sports, watch sports events and enjoy the fresh and delighted feelings brought by sports to make our life become abundant and gorgeous.

“Asian Game” – Asia’s biggest sports event in 2018 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This museum especially takes this event as the theme and combines the trend of the gradually rise of contemporary gender consciousness to introduce you a series of knowledge related to Asian Game, Asian Game gender issue as well as the psychological journey of several Taiwan’s outstanding female athletes. Thus, a perspective can be provided to the audience to deeply understand the sports culture after watching the sports.

This exhibition is divided into 3 units. Unit 1 introduces the historical origin, process of flow change, organizer, scope and characteristic contents of Asian Game -- “Asia’s biggest sports event”. Unit 2: “Asian Game’s Gender Issue” presents the female athlete’s participation in Asian Game, the gender participation in important positions of Olympic Council of Asia and gendered sports events of Asian Game and indicates the striving direction of Asian Game’s equality in gender. Unit 3 shows “Group Image of Taiwan’s Asian Game Female Athletes”; the psychological journey and stories of 24 outstanding female athletes of Taiwan’s Asian Game, including Cheng Chi (ever winning gold medal respectively in the long jump in 1966Asian Games Bangkok and in 100-meter dash in 1970 Asian Games Bangkok, called the flying antelope), Huei-chen Wang (the first athlete in Taiwan to win the gold medal in track-and-field sports of Asian Game, called Queen of Wind Speed), Shu-min Tsai Taiwan (Taiwan’s only player winning gold medal in swimming in Asian Games) and other athletes are introduced to stimulate the audience and cheer for the athletes.